This picture shows the first installation that opened the park in October of '97. In the center is "The Trumpets of Bandor," by Robert T. Cole. Clockwise from the left "Viewfinder, by Chas Colburn, "Stargazer with Columns," by Randy Jewart, "Bust of Gaea" by Robert Cole, "Humanity's Throne," by Robert Cole, "Hey Girl," by Robert Cole and "Fight for Your Mind," by Randy Jewart.

The DC UNITE Sculpture Park was located near the corner of 7th & and E Sts. NW, Washington, D.C. It was founded by Robert T. Cole, local metal sculptor, with the help of local sculptors, Chas Colburn and Randy Jewart, in October of 1997. The impetus came from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities 7th Street Artswalk, a juried show that places art in the 7th Street corridor, especially in areas visible to the public. Robert became interested in an abandoned and trashed out space that was "decorated" with chain-link fencing covered in green vinyl grass. With the help of fellow sculptors, Robert cleared the area and poured concrete slabs for mounting the sculptures. The DC Commission provided some financial assistance to pay for the rehabilitation of the space and helped to insure the pieces. The General Services Administration (GSA), the government agency that owns the property, helped with lighting and electricity. Robert maintained the park with the help of the various sculptors who have exhibited. The park was closed in 2001 when the property was sold to develop a theater and residential housing.


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An article about the park is in the October '98 issue of ArtCalendar Magazine